The God Idea Lab is a digital library of audio Entrepreneurship courses
designed to teach you how to start and grow a profitable business God’s way

Courses not only increase your business knowledge, but also your personal growth because your personal develop greatly affects your business success

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Course 1 ► Spiritual foundation of Christian Entrepreneurship

Course 2 ► Understanding the concept of money to master it

Course 3 ► Business basics to creating a profitable business

Course 4 ► Attracting customers to your business by understanding human behavior and marketing

Course 5 ► Using Facebook to create profits from teaching people how to do what you know

Course 6 ► Using social media and blogging to spread the message of your ministry

Course 7 ► Getting your spouse on board with the vision God has given you for business

Course 8 ► The 5 C’s of communication to market your business for success and profits

Course 9 ► 7 Rules to always making the best Godly business Decision

Course 10 ► Setting and collecting fees for a business that is similar to “ministry work”

Course 11 ► Choosing the correct business entity to protect your personal assets

Course 12 ► Protecting your business ideas from theft by another person or company

Course 13 ► Creating a starter business with little money that makes money quickly

Course 14 ► Achieving prosperity based on God’s Word contained in the Bible

Course 15 ► Using Facebook to attract more customers to your business

Course 16 ► Properly viewing marriage from God’s perspective without man made traditions

Course 17 ► Avoiding bad dating relationships and sex before marriage

Course 18 ► Overcoming the road blocks in interracial dating and marriage

Course 19 ► Creating a happy marriage through better communication with your spouse

Course 20 ► Turning your marriage around by including your spouse in your business

Course 21 ► How to have a pleasurable sex life with your spouse full of orgasms and love


The God Idea Lab is a one time investment of $97 for lifetime access

click here to get access

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