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What you need to know about purchasing private healthcare insurance w/ Christine Glaesman, July 11, 2012

Download MP3 | 44:43 mins – 10.9 mb

I am asking Christine the questions you need to know about purchasing private healthcare insurance, and I even address the new healthcare law in the United States. Here is the link listing to changes coming under the new law.

Christine Glaesman is an independent health insurance broker. She helps business owners, individuals, families, and Medicare beneficiaries find the health insurance they need at the price they can afford. Christine is an advocate for her clients and makes sure that their best interests are served in the relationships with the insurance carriers.

Her clients have saved thousands of dollars on their coverage through her expertise and knowledge of the market. Christine lives in Placerville, CA with her husband, two daughters and many farm animals.

For more information, her website is

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